The Joy of Pigs

i have always loved pigs...i suppose that it started when i was small and watched 'the muppets' on tv, miss piggy was always my favourite and has remained so to this day...........i collect all different shapes and sizes of pigs and it is my hope that one day i will have the space to be able to own my own pig. There is a breed of pig in england called the miniature pig and they dont grow much bigger than a small dog, so that is problably the one i would go for....but any would do..............

biddy1 biddy1
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1 Response Apr 14, 2008

they are lovely animals, i have a miniture pet pig shes 10 months old now and lives in the house we do need to get the garden sorted out with fences and things to put her up there but it needs to be very secure as they are very stronge but then again i dont think she would like being out on her own now lol