I Love Pillow Fight

Pillow Fights are fun because it gets everyone energized. When I was eleven, I had my first pillow fight at a sleep over. I arrived in shorts and a T-shirt. I brought my pajamas and bathroom utensils. When I stepped in the house, I marveled at the bronze furniture and stair case. My room was upstairs in the right.

My friend and I played on his computer. There was two other boys relaxing in their bedroom. After the computer games got boring, we decided to gather the other boys. As a group, we played truth and dare and thumb wrestled. After watching a movie, we got dressed and got ready for bed.

However, the host of the sleep over whacked me with a pillow as I was changing into my pajamas. I was enraged, and took out my pillow, and hit him back. The two boys heard the commotion, and joined us. They decided to grab my arms, as my friend continuously hit me with a pillow. I realized that it was a set up. I managed to free my arms, and got out a second pillow, and hit the other boys. Now, all three boys ganged up on me, and hit me with three pillows. This was overwhelming, so I fell down. I lie on my tummy, and they attacked me more. I was pinned down, and was unable to move. I had to retreat, but couldn't free myself from the onslaught. I was at a disadvantage until the boy's mother stopped the fight. We fell asleep in our bunk beds, but it was a fun and interesting pillow fight.

dave0903 dave0903
18-21, M
Jan 15, 2010