My Pin-Up Vampire Halloween Costume

So the fiance and I are trying to do a cheapo couples costume since we are pretty broke as of late. My initial idea was to do something generic and put a twist on it, so I thought, why not 1920s/1950s vampires. Well, it came down to 1950s and I am now going to be a pin-up vampire.

It is much more difficult than I had anticipated! My fiance has everything planned out; I bought him a fedora a few days ago that looks smashing on him, and he has his suit all ready to go. We are waiting on contact lenses that he convinced me to help him buy and fangs that we ordered online. (We're hoping they'll come through soon)

I have been trying to get the make-up right as well as the hairstyle. I recently cut my bangs to match the outfit and have actually had quite a few compliments, I think this may be my thing, haha. I have also been trying to create the "victory rolls" as I believe it to be a key element in the costume... I didn't want to have to buy a $20 dollar wig when I could just do it myself!... but they are so hard! Maybe I am just doing them wrong, haha, I don't know. I have watched countless YouTube videos. I will accomplish this!

It's kind of funny, the avatar for this group looks almost exactly like MY top half of my costume, or the one I might use. I am not certain if I want to go sexy-cute pin up, or conservative-cute pin up, haha.
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Oct 27, 2011