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Why weren't the songs Empty Spaces or When the Tigers Broke Free on the double cd?, they're in the film version.
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Empty Spaces was on the original The Wall album. The song "What Shall We Do Now" (which is a different version of Empty Spaces) was removed from the double album, but it was still listed as a song on the lyrics sheet. What wound up happening was the total running time for all the songs on the album took up all the space they could put onto an LP record, and they couldn't fit "What Shall We Do Now" among the rest of the songs on the album. The original version of Mother was also changed to a newer version which ended up on the double album with one slight difference in lyrics. It was originally going to contain the line "Mother am I really dying", but it was changed to "Is it just a waste of time" instead.

As for the song "When The Tigers Broke Free", it wasn't even written when the double album was released in 1979. It didn't show up until the movie's release in 1982, and that song ended up to be the first Pink Floyd song in the movie. Shortly after the movie was released, the only other way to get the song "When The Tigers Broke Free" at that time was as a single, also released in 1982. When Pink Floyd worked on putting the Wall movie soundtrack together, they insisted that the original lyrics of Mother and the lost What Shall We Do Now songs appear in the film, and that's why the double album still had the lyrics to What Shall We Do Now and the original lyrics to the song Mother on the lyrics sheet. They were changed at the last minute right before it was released, but after that time, the lyrics sheets to the original concept of songs were already finalized and printed, and they didn't have time to change them to match the final revisions before the album was released.

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