The True Pink Floyd Experience Think Pink Floyd

Think Pink Floyd
The national touring Pink Floyd tribute band from the Philadelphia area delivers a true replication of a Pink Floyd concert.
THINK PINK FLOYD have an amazing light and video show ensuring the audience of a spectacular production when performing the music.
T.P.F is complete with many of the stage props that their heroes are known for while backed by an experienced management, light and sound crew.
They play all the favorite Pink Floyd hits that everyone knows and loves and have showcased entire albums from start to finish,
demonstrating remarkable musicianship on stage.
Audiences have been impressed with the technical similarities of the shows.
Comprised of a five or 6(sax. extra)piece band, T.P.F decided to take on the stage appearance of Pink Floyd shows from 1987 to current with some reenactments of Roger Waters concerts.

T.P.F entertains the sounds and look with experience, friendship and years of performing together with aspirations of making sure their audience attends an exciting tribute to the world's greatest band…..Pink Floyd!!!

Think Pink Floyd has built up an enormous repertoire with
about four hours of vintage Floyd material to choose from.
And the band really has all the bases covered:
From the young Pink Floyd(1967) through "meddle" echeo's” (1971)
”Dark Side Of The Moon” (1973), ”Wish You Were Here”
(1975) Animals (1977)”The Wall” (1979) ”A Momentary Lapse Of Reason”
(1987) and ”The Division Bell” (1994). plus much more syd and roger legendary music,
a kick *** band and a unique sound, light and film show.(((((Think Pink Floyd)))))

thinkpinkfloyd thinkpinkfloyd
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3 Responses Dec 22, 2010

I saw them,too; at Grimsby,England. They are Good........................ :)<br />
As for the real thing - One of their fan clubs is <br />
- I found it a bit 'complex', and theres also fan groups of Any Group you wish on - I've only had a quick look on it, but it seems OK........................... :)<br />
- Check it out.................. :)<br />
LOL<br />
If you can, I think you should buy Any of 'Pink Floyd's/David Gilmour/Roger Waters dvd's and cd's on ebay or they are Easy to buy (and cheap), - YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID ! ! For example - Roger Waters "In the flesh - Live", is AWESOME ! ! !................. :)<br />

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!<br />
THINKPINKFLOYD is the Ultimate Pink Floyd Tribute Band!!<br />

Glad that you get to see a tribute of Pink Floyd as 2 of the best gigs I ever saw ere "Dark side of the moon" and The Wall" they rate in my top 5 og gigs