Rock Is My Religion, Pink Floyd, The Messiah

I fell in love with them via my parents.  When I was 13 I heard The Wall and cried.  I couldn't even really understand everything but it was a very spiritual type of experience.  I saw the movie about two years later.  I feel that the music has a sort of motion and emotion to the sounds and lyrics that I have never found in any other music.  It was similar to the way classical music makes me feel.. but different.  My first love was The Beatles but this music seemed to be their direct opposite.. They both had the same type of messages, just different ways of getting the point across.  I've often kidded that I should go door to door and spread the word as the Mormons do, so that I can spread the message.. a booklet of lyrics.. and a few choice songs to really sell it to the masses..
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i saw them live at mile high stadium for the "momentary lapse of reason" tour. i remember that the first of their songs i heard was the "several species of small furry animals gathered together in a..." so i didnt immediately appreciate the brilliance behind them. i just thought they were some sort of shock rock type of band. now i sort of see them as a "soundtrack for life" kind of band because almost everyone i know can relate to at least one song.