The Best Song Ever Made

wish you were here by pink floyd is probably one of the best songs ever made the lyrics are breath taking and so meaningful i have so many memories with this song and i love how it makes me feel every time i listen to it. 
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Yes the song Wish you Were Here was the first tune I could play on the guitar that my wife could tell what I was playing. My all time fav Pink Floyd song. So layed back and drift away tune.

Time has always been good for me. Really anything on Dark Side. WYWH is a classic. No doubt about that one. <br />
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I appreciated Roger Waters when he was being countered by David Gilmour. Gilmour has some great tunes but the collaborative music was classic.<br />
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The funny story about WYWH is no one had heard from Barrett in a long time and he just happen to show up the day they were laying down vocals on WYWH. It was a tribute to Barrett.<br />
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This is one of those iconic groups that will never fade away. It will always be in our collective sub conscious and it will be used in future music for all eternity. To me, that is the real measure of the longevity of a band. If you can still point at a piece of work 20,30,40,50+ years ago and say: Yes that is still very familiar. Still hear WYWH on most radio stations. I remember buying this album on vinyl. Good memories.

yes i totally agrre anything that we still remember or listen to many many years later is classic and should be passed down generation to generation i will deff someday show my kids the music my dad showed me growing up just to pass down great music im young and i know my generation has crap for music today well most of it at least.

Love this cut...