Wot's... Uh, The Deal?

I absolutely am obsessed with Pink Floyd.

Everyone I know knows that I love them, and I never deny it.
They complete me, the make my soul feel whole and all of it's whole.

Pink Floyd is the very reason for my continuance in this world' without their music, I would certainly parish.
It, their sound and lyrics give me an escape to another place inside of my head where I can be alone and just enjoy how I really feel.

I can look deep into my mind and pull out things that I've never heard my thoughts speak before. It's almost like, with their music, I can feel my soul purring- like it's happy to feel saturated in Floyd. Just as I am beyond enthralled to have it dripping from my ears. :)
ladyfloyd ladyfloyd
18-21, F
May 20, 2012