I Am So Proud This Group Exists!!!

The first time i heard Wish You Were Here, i burst out crying...their music has always touched me in a way no other music has. Plus Comfortably Numb. Loud. At night. With a single candle lit = trippiest experience ever
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Wish our Were Here is the most moving, emotional piece Pink Floyd ever performed (IMO). Though it was about Syd and his troubles with drugs and how he had slowly deteriorated, along with his relationships to the band members, it can touch anyone who is facing, or has faced , loss. People forget that though these men are multi-millionaires with huge estates, first they were buddies, mates, friends, who spent nights in vans rushing from gig to gig and forging friendships just like the rest of us. Nick Mason has made several references to Pink Floyd's way of handling problems---sticking their head in the sand and hoping they'd go away. But they DID try to get Syd help. They got him to the door of one of the finest psychiatrists in Britain once, but Syd just couldn't go in. Wish You Were Here reminds me of a very special friend who died much to young with a 10 year old son who misses her terribly. Undoubtedly, the remaining members of Floyd mised their friend just as much, even before his physical death.