I Have Always Like Pink Floyd From Start To Finish.

I have always liked there music, it is honest, true, very politicial, but yet right from the heart. One of best lines David said on one of albums I have is " Every artist needs to know what his instrument can do" You know he is so right one must know what the instrument he or she plays know what it can do and how it can it. You watch these play there music it is amasing how there insturments work. I have watch the group form Australia imitate these guys well there is no comparison at all. When I was ill this spring I would listen to pink floyd just to releive my tension, put my mind at ease you might say, this music can do that. If you get the chance google David, this guy has a following in music like you would not believe, very smart man, good teacher, just a great guy as far as I concerned. I would have given any thing to see them in concert when they are performing but now I can't. We just have very good videos of them.
There well never be anyone in this world that can play music like them, imitation can not be done like the original songs or groups. I wish people would quiet doing this it just fustrates me when you see other groups trying to imitate the original or try to change it to fit modern day. It just can not be done. Pink Floyd is there own brand of music and only theres.
When ever I get the chance when I am driving my truck, when there songs come on up goes the volume, it is that great just to relax and listen to it. My favorite songs are Mother, Comfortable Nube, The Wall, Wish you were here are just a few.

Such a wonderful group, they have given us there music to charish for ever, and I do Thank Them Bye.
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Now you've just reminded me, when you mention artist. I've a CD with David Hockney on it in the house somewhere. Might have played it once. Have to search for that sometime

Try listening to Atom Heart Mother its on the album of the same name. Lay down and close your eyes in a dark room and switch the volume up its out of this world.

The three women had to take the record company to court to get royalties as they were just paid a pittance for singing when it was recorded. They won the case with the help of Pink Floyd.