I Want To Be Outside The Wall

I am so scared of life I have had a existencial crisis for 6 months and I have a idea that it would last longer, and my fear of how I leave my life is so big as my fear of death. I am scared. I am alone. And I love finding things like a album like the wall that makes me so happy to give me so much inspiration, the things that wall reflects is the whole control of our lifes, one day death will come and we are supposed to enjoy life that is just a corrupt place where there are so beautiful things that people controlling us like the violence, or the government that is supposed to me good, or our own mothers dont see, people are blind they cannot see the love that is inside of them sleeping, and then just thinking when a person is unhappy because of other people or feeling lonely is because they have to fit to a certain "wall" of controlled life, were everything is judged and misunderstood were there are no free minds who can talk and the different one, that person exists but it is unknown, and sometimes searched for. That person is looking for love and change and for people to open there eyes for love, but they are lost they are blind, and the best we can do is trying to be outside the wall i feel we dont have to be artists, we have to have a free mind, to open our eyes to love.
Nowhereman1 Nowhereman1
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012