Want to Get to Second base? Take Your Date to See ‘the Wall’...

… unless its just me…  

The last time I was in a relationship, I was lucky enough to be swimmin’ in a fishbowl with a fellow Floyd fan. It may not sound like much to you, but after my previous ‘Matchbox Twenty is the best band in the universe… They’re so deep…’ boyfriend, it was paradise…

Anyway, I hadn’t seen The Wall, but he had, and had really really liked it. He kept saying that I absolutely HAD to see it, but… I was a little hesitant. Not because it was too far out for me, or anything lame like that, I was just a little worried about how I would react… Listening to the album had already made me cry, even though I’d been in the university library at the time (shirking? No way… just a little music to help me study…). So I was a little apprehensive about what the movie might do to me. 

One night, he finally persuaded me… ‘Just a little,’ he said. ‘We can stop it at any time. I just really want you to see it.’ So I watched it. And I liked it. And I didn’t cry! (I don’t think I was letting myself get too involved) I was fascinated… It seemed like one of those movies you can keep watching and always find something new to appreciate. We paused, about halfway through, to stretch our legs a bit and get some air. We made some coffee, raided the refrigerator, and went back to bed, ready to watch the second half.

Only, we didn’t. We were… distracted.

It was quite late by then, and we’d both been fairly chilled, but somehow… we found ourselves kind of energised.  

We aren’t together now, but when we talk he still sometimes asks me, ‘Hey, have you figured out what was so hot about that movie?’

So, if you’re looking to get a little more than you paid for, take your date to see this one!

HoneyPie HoneyPie
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5 Responses Oct 27, 2008

Now you have to tell me! ;) I actually still haven't seen the second half, would you believe it... I wonder if I should wait until I have somebody to watch it with... ;)

Honey, I hate to tell you what I was doing to "The Wall" back in the day... ;D It was a fascinating phenomenon and filled with so many truths. I'm glad you discovered it...well, most of it, anyway... ;)

That's so awesome! That is so going on my 'To Try Next' list... ;)

:) Do let me know if it worked on you too!

Hmm, I'll keep that in mind for the future. ;)