Floyd In Concert

If I was to ever attend a concert, a floyd concert would be it.  The music is perfect for so much that I deal with every day.

What is the longest song title?

It is on the album animals:

"Several small creatures gathered together in a wood grooving to a pic"

Love the old (with Roger Waters) and the new.


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6 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Got a number of their albums and listen to them when I need to hear some thing different and animals is great need to get that one off the net now that I think about it.<br />
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Don't know why it isn't..........<br />
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Had a friend go to the Roger Waters concert in town and he had front row seats, he said it was so fantastic.<br />
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He played the old floyd from animals and the wall, then some of his solo stuff. To be there..................

Animals is my favorite album! I love anything by Pink Floyd though. I saw them in 1978 and they were amazing! Light show and all

WOW I would have liked to see that one.<br />
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I bet it was great to watch.

when i was 16 i saw a dark side of the moon concert.

Listen to The Division Bell. T. It is a great album.

I listened to this a lot when I was younger...the big brother loved them..and I know why...he he....Can't say I've ever really gotten in to them on my own!