Dark Side Of The Moon

Pink Floyd is such an amazing band. With this album, Dark Side of the Moon, it gives you this perspective of the odd. If you plan on going to sleep with this album, prepare to have the most outrageous dreams. If you plan to make love to this album, it's someting you will always remember. IF YOU PLAN TO TRIP TO THIS ALBUM...ha, you have been warned. ;p

I have done all of the above with this album. When it comes to songs like, Breathe, Great Gig in the Sky, Us and Them, Colours, and Brain Damage, you have to wonder...how the hell did these guys do it? The amazing sounds that embrace the music's potential. Who thought to have a psycho laughing in the backround in Brain Damage? Who thought to have such an amazing singer in Great Gig in the Sky, such a sound that can drive anyone to a different world. Yet that is the point of our dear Pink Floyd. Making us the listeners, escape to such an amazing place.

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tanx everyone ^_^

Pink Floyd music is like a drug to me. I like what your wrote about escaping to such an amazing place.

Almost all of it is inspired by Syd Barrett (founder of the pink floyd). He suffered from schizophrenia and lsd abuse. (which of course led to the schizo worsening)

Yes this is an amazing album and i cant think of a bad album that floyd done as a matter of fact. I'm sure there are one or two mediocre albums or songs somewhere but few and far between. Floyd had a great knowledge for and of the music business and knew exactly how to put it on to vinal. Gilmore was and still is one of the best and most innovative guitar pla<x>yers i have ever heard. In fact for me he is the number one. His indepth knowledge of a guitar and his imagination are way beyond anyones comprehension I would say. He brought life to floyd where there was greatness already but something was missing and he totally filled every gap left uncovered. He even went on to show the world that he was a force of his own(albeit with the other two from floyd,nick and rick) when he penned and composed division bell. This album took gilmore to the peak of his talents and the guitar riffs are just as amazing as dsotm or maybe even better,although that is only my personal view. I have listened to floyd for 35 years now and when division bell came out i was shocked as i thought dsotm and the wall,,,wywh... animals and the other great albums were the end of the road but gilmore proved me and the rest of the world wrong. Even waters proved that it could be done when he went on to other things such as the pros and cons ..radio kaos,, and in the flesh. without bringing down the great talents of nick mason and richard wright, These two guys were and still are by a far margin the worlds greatest ever musicians and composers of rock music. God bless all that sail in this ship. Floyd are the dream band as a whole but no longer together unfotunately. Forever floyd. I wish i got to see them as one but alas i never.

That is a wonderful album. I once listened to it while watching "Wizard of Oz" on mute. Some strange stuff was supposed to happen when you did. It was a little weird. Anyway, you are right on on this.