No Smoke Needed

I grew up in the seventies listening to Floyd and of course I was into smoking at the time as most people do in their younger days. I believed that smoking helped clear my head and enabled me to concentrate on the music of Floyd and in the end I couldn't really listen to their music without wanting a smoke. I really came to what I thought was a great understanding of their music and the lyrics and I put it down to having a smoke with the music. Then I grew up and after a few bad experiences with the smoke I stopped and started just listening to Floyd without smoking. I am so glad I quit as I now can appreciate the music from a level headed point of view and you know? I found so much more in the music and I came to love it rather than depend on it. It did for sure expand my mind having a smoke and listening to Floyd but I think you can only go so far before you have to wake up and see the truth for yourself without any artificial help. I never really listen to anything much other than Floyd now. I am 51 now and still, I find things that I missed years ago in their music. Kids of all ages still to this day are growing up listening to Floyd and their music is a firm foundation in every generation that fills every gap. Yes there have been some great bands over the years but Floyd will always be at the forefront and in the background for generations to come. Long after I am gone,Floyd will live on and on.I loved the seventies and what I found in Floyd's music but I may as well have been born in this decade because nothing would have changed in my taste for music. I would I am sure end listening to Floyd.Biggest and best band ever without any doubt and no smoke or any other drug needed to appreciate their music. Many thanks Roger.. Nick.. David.. Rick and of course Syd Barret.. god keep rick and Syd safe

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1 Response Feb 28, 2010

i've listened to pink floyd in some of the best and worst times of my life. i grew up on them, and i'm so proud to be able to say that.<br />
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for me it's always been the wall. i can remember how i felt and where i was each time i listened to each of the songs that are important to me on that album. i mean, i love their other stuff: atom heart mother, division bell (floyd was never the same after roger left :() wish you were here, animals and so on, but the wall has hit me the most, i think. <br />
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i'm 21 but i may as well be 51. once you've felt pink floyd, and it's become a part of you, you become part of a community of people who know the feeling, who have been there and empathize with it. <br />
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without a doubt, there isn't a band out there with as much history, legend and scope as pink floyd. the beatles, stones, zeppelin... they're all epic, but not in exactly the same ball park as floyd.