I just listened to Dogs for about the one millionth time and it still makes my hair stand on end. The guitar riffs are amazing. The whole album is just fantastic but I must admit,Dogs is the best track for me.I do love the track sheep as well but no doubting which one is my favourite.

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dogs, even though already slowly transforming into the "waters" era, is a very good 17 minute track.Wouldn't blame anyone to listen to that song for a 1000 times.

Can't disagree with that blushark. Echoes is amazing. I first came across it when I watched Pompeii. I cant get enough of that track. Very inspirational.


Thanks eccentricOne. I believe you are right as Roger has said this himself but it makes no difference in the end. The wall is the wall and its a masterpiece no matter who or what its about.Your comments are welcome and I thank you for your participation.There are obviously people on this site that go around looking for arguments and that sonnybr is more than obviously one of them. I am sorry if he upset anyone with his comments but I will in future erase any comments he makes on this or any other posts I make. We can do without people of low self esteem coming on here to argue a point in order to make them look good or feel better about themselves. If you have low sellf esteem and/or a low IQ, I will not hold it against you. I will welcome you into my circle and never bring you down nor try to make you feel worse about yourself for self gratification. sonnybr tried that one on me but he doesn't realise that it will backfire. I don't suffer bullies. I know what bullies are. This is why I offered him friendship. He was seen in public to be wrong and didn't like (what he thought to be) the humiliation. He attacked me with a barage of abuse (like bullies do) and I have removed his comments and here's hoping he gets the message and doesn't try it again.

The Wall can be interpreted any way it wants to be. However when he removes his body hair, that was taken from the time in which Syd did exactly the same (shaved all hair). You cannot say it doesn't have a small aspect of Syd in it because it does. In my eyes, the lot of it is about or inspired by Syd. <br />
Then again I won't go back on my word because interpret it as you will.

Comfortably numb from the wall is about the days of syd barret(or roger waters) as a rock star taking drugs and basically getting S*** faced so that he doesn't have to face reality. He is plagued with problems that the life of a rock star brings to him and this is his escape. he recedes into himself and becomes comfortable within and locks himself away. Roger never made it clear which parts of the wall were about syd and which parts were about him but I am sure I heard him say in an interview that the wall was about both of their experiences. I think comfortably numb and in fact most of the wall is about syd though. It is an amazing tribute to a friend on the whole and comfortably numb is an absolutely fantastic track. If you watch the dvd I am sure you will come to your own conclusions but as you say, It is creepy and thats the way it was meant to be. After all, this guy was leading a life of fantasy with his drug habits and he seen some really strange things in his head. I would be happy that you found it creepy if I wrorte it as I am sure Roger tried to put that across in the song and in fact most of the album. Thanks for your comments on my story my friend.Please try listening to Dogs. If you are not sure at first, it will grow on you.Gordy

Some of their songs are good. But there is one, not sure what it is called, maybe 'Comfortably Numb?' Anyway, it gives me the creeps BIG time because of the knocking sound in the beginning! Reminds me of something really spooky.