Persona For Our Local Pirate Group

Ahoy mates:

I belong to a pirate group and we do some of the sword fighting at our local ren faire, to join our group you have to write a persona based on a real pirate this is mine hope you like it.

My name is James Winston Roberts and I was born Dec 16 1723 in the reign of king Gorge I just a few kilometers outside London me mum was a serving wench but I never knew her as she died in child birth. It was commonly held that my father was the notorius pirate Bartholomew Roberts and that he married me mum though no record of the union was ever found. Being an orphan I was taken in by me mums employers, the Jenkins where I lived as an indentured servent till old man Jenkins died of the fever in the spring of 1735. The widow Jenkins sold the taveren and moved to London before old man Jenkins was even cold. Being the charitable christian woman she was she gave me two schillings set me feet on the road to fend for me self, having no place to go and no faimly I went to the docks in London where I was promptly robbed of what little monies I had, I was arrested for vagrancey and cast into Newgate Prison. While there I met a theif named Robert Thorndrake. Thorndrake took an instant liking to me as he claimed that I looked and acted like his younger brother who was lost at sea while serving as a cabin boy in his majesty's navy. I was taken before the court a month after I arrived in Newgate and having told the majistrate of my plight he gave me a stern warning stating that I was nothing more than a common street urchin and a fool but showing the mercy of his majesty I was released. Having learned the trade of a tavern keep I was able to secure employment in a gin mill and Thorndrake taught me the art of picking pockets, between the two I was able to scratch out a meager existence. Then during the may day festival I made the mistake of picking the pocket of a visiting nobleman and was caught in the act, I pulled my dagger and struck him across the head with its hilt unfortunatly the old coot had a bad heart and dropped dead in the street. During the confusion I was able to slip away and find Thorndrake, and after having told him of what had happened he promptly gave me a sound thrashing about the head and sholders stating what did I teach you huh, never attempt to pick the pockets of the bloody nobles. Thorndrake hid me out till nightfall and then told me of a ship that was sailing to the new world with the morning tide and if I had a brain left in my head I would be on it when it did. So under the cover of a heavy fog I went to the docks and stowed away aboard ship,unfortunantly it was aboard the wrong ship and when I was discovered it was not by the crew of his majesty's navy but by the crew of Calico Jack Rackham. I was given the choice of joining the crew or swiming back to London. I think I made the right choice, as I am now captian of me own ship and crew. HAHAHA, take in sail and prepare to come about, hoist the colors and run out the long nines mr. Thorndrake.
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Oh wow....I was a pirate in my past life. I remember some things, names of people, but nothing I can find on the internet cuz I just remember how they look like and maybe a first name. I remember how much I loved it. Sometimes I just wish I can have my life back...

wish i was a pirate :)