as the door closes here...and just to close my story and end this chapter of my life...adding my final group, my final post...
Here at EP, i always referred to my on line EP friend/lover as my pirate...and lucky me ..i married him...and so off a saiing we story had a happy ending, and so wishing that for all my friends here in the ILSM to all, and love for forever
neuilly neuilly
61-65, F
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Argh! I'm speechless. Parrot got my tongue. Hugs Neuilly. Best wishes to you and your best mate :)

and so ye know. me lady friend.....i may be aboard a boat..but frankly i know sheet about saling this thing.....and hopes me never has to walk the plank...meanwhile..the pirate got us dancin lessons...hmmm...not sure what he is aiming for there..but..i am a goin

I love pirates. May you lead a long healthy life together!

arrrrggghhh.....and the same to you me hearty friend... and may ye trip along with a hearty smile and a breath full of laughter and joy, and fall in to the arms of someone that will love ye with a mighty strong passion...and a might big desire.

I loved a pirate.

uh ye wouldn't be a talking about me pirate by any chance ??...Now i don't happen to have me sword right now...i hate to have to run all the way to canda to go get it.. awww .crap...the ferry already left...hmmmph....awww is a long way to row...