My Nastiest Fantasy So Far

I only recently realized this year how much i love pi$$. In the last few years i realized that i luv being a nastly $lut, it really turns me on. So now pi$$ is my latest fetish. i love it in my mouth, on my face, all over me. I love my own but i dont feel like a $lut unless i get someone else's.

I would love to lay naked in a tub and have a gang of guys just pi$$, spit, and c*m all over me, in my face, and in my mouth. i get so turned on havin a stomach full of pi$$ and c*m. I wanna let a guy pee inside me too.

But my latest fantasy is the nastiest I ever gone. I wanna find a pee buddy who will go to my school's public bathroom with me. I want him to go to a urinal or toilet and pi$$ inside it and all over it, and dont flush. then i wanna go in after and get on my knees and touch myself while i lick the pi$$ off the toilet rim and urinal. Juss tasting the pi$$ and juss thinkin about all the stranger c*cks that have pi$$ed there before me would get me SO TURNED ON. I WOULD FEEL LIKE THE ULTIMATE NASTY LITTLE $LUT. i wanna dip my tongue inside the pi$$y toilet water while i touch myself. i would love it if he spit on the toilet/urinal too. putting my tongue on that filthy pi$$y public urinal... and letting the smell of fresh and old pi$$ fill my nose... while touchin myself... would make me c*m so hard...

i even watch videos of guys goin to public bathrooms and licking pi$$y urinals. it turns me on so much. I wanna be the nastiest $lut ever... and then wash out my mouth when im done. Im still pretty clean :)
Curiousity913 Curiousity913
22-25, M
Sep 11, 2012