Human Urinal

I have been into **** one way or another through the years but I have never let anyone **** in my mouth until a few months ago. I was sucking a guy off when he decided to **** in my mouth I didn't stop sucking but I did start swallowing. From that point on I I was Convinced that I was going to do this as often as I could. I did not know anyone that would do it so I put an ad on craigslist the headline was human urinal I received no responses to first I put an ad on craigslist little disappointed so I stayed away for a few weeks, decided I would try it again might add was in for more than 30 minutes when I got a response.

the guy told me he had never done this before what he wanted to try it told him all he had endured ring my doorbell and ask the use my urinal. when he arrived at my home I let him in get on my knees and open my mouth when I seen that beautiful **** come out to his fly I was horny as hell they would do anything. when he started to **** I open my mouth wide and started swallowing everything. when he put his **** in my mouth and continued ******* that was the ultimate thrill for me. when he was done I suck them off and swallow the load told him to come back anytime he wanted.

since then I have been putting ads on craigslist on a regular basis and any other place I could get attention from men to use my urinal.
jcomerford jcomerford
36-40, M
Jan 5, 2013