Hours Of Great *******

last night, May 21st, my wife decided to join in on my ep with me. she wanted to take some pics with me and play. but I really didn't expect it to be as amazing as it was. my wife likes pee play too but not as much as me. tonight she was really into it. she pulled out all the tricks. it took her a little bit to get ready but I was okay with it. she brought out a couple little slutty outfits and put them on for me as I took pics of her posing. I was drinking bottle after bottle of water and by now couldn't stop peeing. I had drank so much water my **** was completely clear and odorless so I had absolutely no problem just ******* right where I was, my wife really seamed to enjoy it too. as I took pics of her as she played with herself she got down on her knees in her naughty little school girl outfit and started right into the camera as she sucked my ****. so of course I took pics. but I couldn't hold back the urge to full her mouth with **** and soak her sexy little outfit. so I did. she opened her mouth wide as I pissed and took pics. I took probably a hundred pictures but could only upload a few. i'm gunna keep trying to post them. from there it just got better. she lied on her back and rubbed her **** as I pissed all over it too. i'm getting tired of typing this on my phone, so to make a long story short. I pissed on her many more times and finished the night off by ******* a full bladder inside her ***** as she rode me in bed. as I pulled out my **** sprayed out of her all over my **** and soaked our bed. she stayed hovered over me and pissed for me. then we just lied in it and went sleep. it was by far the best **** sex I've ever had. i'm so luck to have this girl.
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I'd love to see those photos...

Great read, that's one hot story and it really made me horny.