Learning To Be A Urinal

I left a party for gay and lesbians with a man I had met there. He asked if I had ever been peed on, and the answer was not yet.  He did nnot want to have regular sex with me, he wanted me to be naked and have him **** on me.  As I knelt in his tub facing him, I asked if he wanted me to open my mouth and he stated he would love it.  When it was full and flowing out my open lipd, I swallowed so more could enter.  Several people from that party knew what he liked, and asked me if I had done what he wanted.  I did not deny it.

Later, a very sadistic dominating woman made it clear I was to swallow her ****.  The first few times we were alone.   But  she wanted her friends to know and we did it outside in the back yard with some of them watching.  Some of them added to the urine i swallowed that day.
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I love golden parties !