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I was afraid of Pit Bulls because of their bad rap, a friend from work talked me in to getting one. After a very short time I thought what did I get myself in too! She was six months old and not train. I have a male Border Collie who is so smart and obedent, so I was not use to this wild child. She would open doors and jump the fence and run after people. She loves kids so she would go across the street wanting to play with the kids there. I had to put up a 7 foot fence all around my house I have about five gates. It took some training and now she is very sweet and a 75 lb. baby. I have her loose when company comes over. Which is family. She has come along way and is loved and is part of the family. The only habit she has is that is hard to break is she will lick you to death. These dogs are not killers. It is the wrong people own them and starve them and beat them and abuse them, so they think everyone will harm them.  I can go on for ever on this subject so I better stop for now. So Thank you for your time.
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I gotta agree, it's not the dogs being dangerous, it's the damn*d owners.

I believe it's all in how any dog is raised. Shown kindness, love, attention and affection, they will retun the same. I have been around a lot of Pitts that are as loving and gentle as any breed. I have also seen some that were raised from puppies to be fighters. It's the owners, not the breed, in my opinion.

we have the same problem with the LICK YA TO DEATH!!! we thought he would out grow it but almost two yrs. old and he still does it!!

i totally agree with you. i get sooo mad when people blame everything on a specific breed of dog, or dogs in general. there are NO bad dogs, just CRUEL and BAD people. i thoroughly despise pet abuse, and how it affects prospective owners and the poor pets that were involved.

I hate the misinformation spread about these beautiful animals! I have been an advocated for the stopping of Breed Specific laws all around the country and the one thing I know is if you take a pit bull and socialize it and train it correctly you will have a wonderful pet! I despise the anti pit bull bias some people have!

Loved this story. I wish there were more like you. I love pit bulls :)

see you are the type of person we need more of. people need to realize what you did...that the owners create these mean awful pit bulls, they are just big lovers if raised in the proper environment i have two of my own :) and i let them free at dog parks and with there pitbull friends all the time

sounds like you are one of them (((smiles)))

I totally agree! : ) I have a mix...Choc. lab, pit bull, american bull dog & shei pei, all in one (supposedly)! haha.. he's just a ball of muscle! I think any dog can turn out to be a good dog as long as you spend lots of time with them : ) Sydney's still a pupp, well a year old now..still has tonsss of energy at times, but is usually pretty mellow.. he just gets overly excited when people come over hehe. But I do understand why you have a 7ft fence! haha a muscular dog can jump SO HIGH!! <br />
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It makes me upset to know the bad rap they all have... people just ruin it for them and the news LOVES to report ONLY pit bull problems...I'm sure there's millions of other dogs that have the same problems...that's what I don't get..?... hm. <br />
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There's times when I'll be walking sydney at a dog park and people have walked away and not let there dog go up to him (when he's great with other dogs), and I don't get it...He's smaller too (well I think so, he's about 60lbs), I don't see him intimidating at all! whoknows. Hopefully there will be many more people out there that'll set good examples! : )

Roxy, Yup! you really have a pitbull there. Most people do not know that this breed are true people lovers, and well they just won't let the kids alone, follow them everyone, just in case they may want to play.<br />
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The 7 foot fence and five gates really tell me about your devotion to your pitti. Yes, you are right on about them not being killers but ***** cats and about the bad rap they get when the wrong people get ahold of them. <br />
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I am very glad for you that you at this time live in an area where BSL does not exist, but your fencing solutiions tells me that you may not be a issue if you are grandfathered by BSL. Thanks for sharing.