Pro- Pit Bull

I adore pit bulls. They are beautiful, loyal and intelligent. They catch a bad rep. but they were once considered America's baby sitting dog. People on farms would leave pit bulls to attend small children when they were working out in the fields or around the house. At that time, I cant remember the name of the dog, was considered to have the reputation that pit bulls have today. Dogs are only as bad as their owners or snap when something is wrong that their owners do not realize until it is too late. We have had two and the dog was the chillest dog ever. My friend had a pit bull and that dog was literally like a person. He hugged you and actually loved strangers (lol horrible guard dog). When I have my own place I would like to have one. They are amazing. Wish they would legalize them and stop abusing them.
smartandbeautiful3 smartandbeautiful3
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1 Response May 16, 2012

No dog wants to please you more then a pit . Smart wonderful dogs