Three Strikes

I love my Grandpuppies Buggsy and Capone....Some mights have already read my story "I love my Grandpuppies" if so great.

The both are very loving dogs....But I am sorry to say that I now have only one grand puppy....I still have Buggsy...

My daughter was forced to put Campone down the other day...This broke her heart...But it was for the safety of Buggsy...She was forced to use the three strikes and you are out rule...It was a hard thing to do...But it was the last thing oppition that she had.

Let me explain:

Strike one: Capone was just comming into puberty...and Buggsy wanted something that he had...And she snapped at him...Well he did not know how strong he was and grabbed her and shook her...It took two men...a shovel...water...a chair.. and $800.00 later (vet bills) they fixed him...and hoped that it would fix the problem...But at that time they did find that he had a brain deformnaty that would not kill him...

Strike two:Capone heard the little dogs down the street...and he got out...Well he wanted to eat the little dog...but we were able to get him before he got the dog...Iron fence between the two...But he did do a great deal of damage to the fence...Well he went into training...where he was sfound to have problems with other dogs...In fact they wound up making sure that there was no other dog around him for 12 feet...After four months of training he would only pee on them...But at the start he wanted to eat them...And ate through a lot of chain link fences to do that...$4,000. later he was brought home...And we loved him...Watched him...But loved him

Strike three: Well the other night...Buggsy and Capone were both getting the same time...By the same person...My SIL had one on each side of him...Well Capone let out a little bark...(if there is a little bark from 100 pound Pitt) and all of the sudden jumped over my SIL and attacked Buggsy...There was no reason for it other than he did not want her to get petts...That was the third strike..There was no other thing to do...Fater the first time no shelter would take him...He was a Pitt with a track record...They could not take the chance...What if he went off on a human...I do not blame them...But he loved humans...He just had problems with other dogs...But then once more where could he go...And know that he would never be around other dogs...He would be loanly...

This makes me sad...I miss my Grandpuppy Capone...But the man that bred him wanted to kill him...He was a runt...and would not make a good fighter...Little did he know...But he had two years of love...and safety...And it made his Nana love the dogs...and hate the fighters...

My question is.....How many strikes do you think there should be before you are forced to put a dog down...

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Thank you Slaveheart.....That is what Buggsy is....But I think that she would just keep them from coming in....She does love her tummy rubbed...and will not let you alone until she has had enough

Thank you...My dear...I am just sorry that my daughter had to be the one to do this....But she did it with love...Even if her Grandmother can not understand...Our Capone will always be with us in our memory...He made us laugh...But it was at those times...That he made us afraide of what could happen...Thank God...that is was our Buggsy that was bit...and not Bill...that we could have never gotten over...

What a delima my dear grandpa to pitty!<br />
<br />
Your heart for the animal makes it so very difficult. <br />
You did the best that you could, given the knowledge and experiences that you posessed at the time. We all do our best at any given time. Fortunately, most of us learn from our experiences and do better the next time around, and you will too. <br />
<br />
I am relieved for the sake of other animals and humans that might have been unknowingyl around your little Pitty, when he suddenly had an angry doggy moment. <br />
<br />
You did the right things and you know it. Go ahead and mourn the loss of a DREAM, but the animal was never actualy close to your dream. <br />
<br />
Love to you and heart-felt sorrow for your loss, but I do not mourn the animal and the possible harm that he could have done. <br />
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So did we....My daighter was afraid that someone would want to use him to train fighters....We triede many different shelters.....even ones for pitts....and everyone that we knew had kids...and we had to think of the children....Had to think of the "What if" It was the last resort....and she wanted to make sure that he had no pain....and go in his mMama's loving arms

Certain people should not have dogs. It is amazing to me the amount of trouble people have. <br />
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It sounds like you tried your best. I really wish you could have found the dog a home. There were more options that you had. A young dog with aggression towards other dogs, did not have to die.

The $4,000 was for training...4 months of training from a pro....that the police use to train the police dogs...the question was put out more for the reason that my MIL thought that it was heartless to put the dog down...<br />
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My daughter knew the breed...and also knew the risks...No one was uneducated...<br />
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I knew a great deal of people that would have put the dog down after strike one...But then I also knew a man that would put a dog down for the simple reason that he wanted a hunter...and the dog was not a good hunter...That is not a good reason to me...But the strikes and you are out...depending on the strikes...If it was a human...only one...unless it was in self defence that is...on the dogs part

How many strikes? That's a loaded question. I have a loaded answer, that you might not like.<br />
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The comment about the breeder makes me think a little. If a pro breeder wants to destroy the animal, then the breeder's input should not be taken lightly. Maybe especially for a breeder who intends to fight the animals. If a game bred litter is produced and intended to be game tested in a fighting pit, and there is a runt, then that runt will not be able to contend with its litter mates. Even though it was not raised around the other pups doesn't really matter. It developed his cur nature on the ***, as the healthier dogs did what they had to do to insure their own survival. Once that cur tendancy is there, it will not go away. Sure a runt, even a cur dog can make a fine pet and companion dog, but that fear will always be a part of the dog. It is the fear that makes a dog "snap." They just have much less tendency to be squirrely if they are confident. <br />
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1st strike- The breeder should have been respected to dispatch the animal in the first place.<br />
2nd strike- The owners should have educated themselves better and thought better of having two untrained pits living under the same roof vying for attention at the same time from the same person.<br />
3rd strike- Those dogs should have been socialized to people and other dogs long before puberty and long before they began to display aggressive tendencies.<br />
4th strike- That dog should have been put down after he did his first 800 dollars in damage to the other dog.<br />
5th strike- The owner of the 4000 dollars worth of damage fence should have pulled a trigger of his own.<br />
6th strike- The owner of the dog should have pulled the trigger when it did 4000 dollars in damage to the fence.<br />
7th strike- The dog should not have been allowed to interact with ANY other dogs EVER after he showed signs of uncontrollable animal aggression.<br />
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I could really go on and on. No need to beat anyone up over this. It is very arrogant to believe that you are going to beat the odds and undo centuries of conditioning and have an animal friendly pit bulldog. Especially when you knowingly obtain it from a gaming source, and especially without basic obedience training. I would say that everyone involved is lucky that no humans were hurt and/or killed in this lesson. It is ignorance and a general lack of willingness to understand that has given Pit Bulls a bad name. Punish the Deed NOT the Breed.