The Dog of a Lifetime

 O ver 17 years ago, my young boys asked me for a dog. I come from a long line of dog lovers. My Grandfather Frank (Red) Jones was a very well know Dog Breeder and trainer of Labrador Retrievers. His dog Pat was one of the first three dogs that distinguised themselves to establish the Ralston Purina Animal Hall of Fame. But, A PITBULL, no way. But I was talked into it with so many reasons given, they are a nice size, they are short haired, and the puppy of six weeks sure was cute. I named her Glory, she was a animal created by God, and I hoped she would indeed bring my God Glory, and she did in so many ways. Well, she passed away June 21st, 2006. Glory was the dog of a lifetime. She served four generations faithfully, taught us a lot about loyality, patience, kindness, and Love. She had no small inpact on any of us, we are all changed because of her. We kept one of her puppies. Cruiser was a magnificent beast, strong, huge for the average size of a pit, but he had her wonderful personality trait, he was a gentle giant. again we were lost when he too died just six months after his mom. I now don't buy into the media,sell that these dogs cannot be trusted and all should be destroyed.
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How interesting. My Glory was called Lady by my dad, when he delevoped the dementia and could not remember her name. But her being such a lady, thats just what he called her. If she would ever have had to be renamed, that is what it would have been. Funny eh?

Earthmother, give a search here for "A Tribute to Glory" that is the page that has video's photo, good info about pitbulls. <br />
Tia, not two years yet, but know the sense of immediate loss still raw, just down to crying be weekly now. My Glory would be proud of me now :)

Angel! lost her year and half ago, still last Sunday, just woke up crying for her. Dreamed we were walking, then she disappeared, looked for her, and then I was awake, and knew she was not there for sure. The loss is imense. I am so sorry for your loss.

Sounds like two perfect gentle giants. I can only hope that Chloe will live a long healthy life too. Where can I find this page?I will check it out if I can find it.Peace,J

Earthmother, Your Chloe sounds exactly like my Glory. Right up to been ridden. We have photo's of her doing just that. She left us just short of her 16th Birthday I now am not crying daily, but do weekly now. She had a very long life for her breed, we were so blessed that way. Several times I had been asked for her to do a TV show because of her excellent disposition and gentleness. She raised both my sister's and I children and grandchildren as well as assisting us with my father in his later years. We knew when he went for a walk she would bring him home. I kept one of her pups who also trembled during storms. I could tell when a storm was coming just by how he would hover around me wanting to be held. He was a gentle giant too. I was shocked when he died just 6 months after her. I have created a space here on my page that I hope will actually educate persons wanting to learn about this issue and there magnificent dogs. Would you join it with her comments? I am posting video's, photo's, blogs, news items etc. It would be greatly appreciated especially with your testimony and experience. Thank you so much for your postive response.

It is such a shame that they have such a bad rap.Our pit Chloe is the sweetest dog ever.She turned eight July seventh and I think a part of my heart will die when she goes. She is our family,and has been babied since she was a puupy.She trembles when we have a thunderstorm.Yeah right,what a viscous killer. Our son has ridden her,pulled her ears/tail and she has never once snapped OR growled at her. I think any dog can be mean,it is all in how you raise your animal and the hype of the media,cause you never really hear about other dogs that bite or maul and they are out there.Makes me MAD.Peace,J