Why I Love Spliff

In February of 2009 my husband and I decided it had been long enough since the passing of our rotweiller/border collie mix named Hope. I searched Craigslist and came across a woman desperately needing to rehome her dogs due to housing misfortune. I was only able to take one dog although the other, Nyla, has a wonderful home on a horse farm. Spliff came to me as soon as I sat down in her former mommy's living room. Without knowing me at all she nudged my arm and demanded petting. I had pet her for 20 minutes easy and it was clear she was mine. The ride home she laid with her head in my lap and slept in my bed between me and my husband. She loves my children although I believe my son is her favorite. My husband takes the long walks with her and we take her to petsmart and on rides. I couldn't imagine a minute without her.

SpliffsMom SpliffsMom
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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

Awww! That's a sweet story. I'm glad the other dog was also able to find a home.