Yea I really do I own one her name is Cali and she is the best friend any human could have! She believes it is her duty to sit on my desk and prevent my papers from flying off...Yes she is a very effective paperweight. I would get another on but my bed simply isn't big enough!  I Hate that such a loving affectionate breed has a bad reputation all because of their willingness to please!  When I first got Cali some of my friends refused to bring their dogs around her,  She might bite.. All things with teeth might bite.  My nephew bites me all the time... My point is children are dangerous and nobody makes them wear a muzzle. Cali has never bit anyone but to walk her downtown I have to put her in a muzzle. Yea well this is turning into a rant now so I will stop.



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I totally get you there MiChamoMelissa I don't understand most ppl! That is too bad about you sisters dog to fix problems like that it takes a lot of consistancy I hope someone works with him before he gets himself into trouble ^_^

I actually don't remember ever getting bit by a dog until i worked as a dog groomer and i completely understood why some dogs tried to bite and why 2 of them bit me. it's probably scary on a grooming table. i also agree that it's the owner who makes the dog, unless it's a situation where a dog is scared like in a grooming shop. My sister-in-law has a Rottie and she did not train him well at all. I tried to do it while I dog sat for him for one week, but I don't think it could have been done in a week. He often growls and barks when he shouldn't. Like when he's walking outside and passing someone else's house. He's suppose to guard his own house. He has threaten to bite me a few times, but I don't get scared. He's not abused so it's not like he would severely hurt me. Even though the dog isn't well behave I still love him. i tend to understand other animals than I do humans.

Cocker Spaniels do often bite I believe it is because they are a working class dog and are bored in "city life" As far as I know this year in Canada the Lab was the top of the list, but here in Canada we have a lot of labs!! SO that might have something to do with it. Everyone I know who has been bit by a dog was bit by a german shep, it is never the breed! The 'pitbull stereotype' is world wide it is soo shameful! It is like saying all indian ppl are drunks or all white ppl wear wranglers. <br />
<br />
<br />
Owners are ----FULLY---- responsible for their dog actions proper training is all it takes with ANY breed

Oh ya, I also totally disagree with some breeds having to wear a muzzles. I was shocked to find out that even hear in Holland that is the law and Dutch people generally love animals.

Awww! She's so cute! I've been wanting to rescue a Pit Bull from a shelter since I was about 16-years-old. However, I wasn't allowed to have pets and when I met my husband and moved to Holland we didn't really have the money. Then when we did get the money I realized the dog we alreay have is old and it would be unfair to him. He's now 16-years-old. When he passes away we'll finally adopt one. Well not right away of course, but you know what I mean. lol <br />
<br />
As far as the sterotype goes, I did a research paper on Pit Bulls. We could choose any subject we wanted and I got tired of hearing bad things about them so I wanted to prove to people they weren't dangerous. Even though I show people that research paper sometimes they still don't believe me. I'm like I did actually research on it so what is written there is a fact. <br />
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It's true that they were origoinally bred to be agressive towards other animals, however I do not believe it is in their nature to be aggressive. You can easiy train them to get along with other dogs. It might be harder than other breeds, but it's possiable. Also they are completely loyal to humans and even ones that have been abused tend to remain loyal. I personally never known a pit bull to attack their family and the ones who I knew attacked other people it was because they were trained to do that by an owner at some point so therefore it's the owner's fault not the dog's. <br />
<br />
It's funny you mentioned that your nephew bites. I know way more children who bite than pretty much any dog. Now a child's bite may be less damaging, but the fact is that humans in general seem to be more aggressive than dogs in general. <br />
<br />
Also, I don't know what the number one biting breed is this year, but if I remember correctly last year it was a Cocker Spaniel. I could be remembering wrong though. I know the year I did my research paper it was a Dalmation and I know Cocker Spaniels have been the number one biting breed at some other point. I don't quite understand that one either because I also never met an aggressive Cocker Spaniel. The only crazy dogs I run into are the Taco Bell dogs (lol) and Bishons. Bishons are also cute, but when the owner treat them as an accessory rather than part of the family then they tend to be agressive. At least from my experience.

Hmmm well yes the breed has been bred to be 'dog agressive' but not at all 'human agressive' I would like you to know that labs are the #1 dog to bit this isn't a pipe dream it is a statistic. Pitbulls bit far less than ppl believe it is just that if the do they do a lot of damage. You are obviously a media driven sterotyper and that is fine, but if you would like to do some reserch you might be surprised pitbulls love their families just like anyother dog and if properly socialized with other dogs they will love other dogs as well!