Not Evil

my mom and dad had 2 pitties when i was about 1, we had a girl dog named bessy and a boy, buster. when i was still in a crib bessy would lay at the foot of it and wouldnt let anyone near it she didnt know. (house guests - etc) and she would always be there when i was sleeping no matter what - and if i was in a different room and started crying bessy or buster would go and get one of my parents to tend to me.
bessy also saved my life one day, we had wood floors and my mom went to the bathroom, i was laying in the middle of the king size bed with pillows all around me - someone i managed to roll off out of the mound of pillows and bessy saw it. she put her paws on the bed and had her chest up against me so i wouldnt roll off the bed and hit my head and die.
she barked and barked until someone came in.

bessy and buster mated and we soon had 13 puppies plus mommy and daddy dog. i was soon 2 at this time and loved to cuddle with bessy and play with buster (bessy was HUGE and buster was half mutt so he was kinda small for a pitt) i would lay on the floor and play with all the little puppies.
i would also lay on bessy and pull her tongue and she never hurt me (unless she stepped on me when i was like 8 lolshe was to fat)
anyways, pitt bulls are not evil if you treat them right.
they could of torn me to pieces - did they? NO. they protected me and loved me like i was their own puppy.
they did NOT tear me to pieces or eat me, they loved me.
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sounds wonderful