Bentley The Pitbull

I have a pitbull that is almost 2 now. He is black and white and he is the most prescious dog i have ever known. His name is Bentley. He doesnt have a mean bone in him and he loves to cuddle. He is the perfect match for anyone. I just dont understand how everyone says they are so mean. I have had him since he was 6 weeks old and he has never hurt a single person. I love him with everything I have. I just get really bothered and really defensive when people talk badly about them.
I was at the dog park yesterday with him and his brother chubbs and a lady wouldnt bring her dog in because of my pitbull. She kept giving me nasty looks and talking very bad about pitbulls so i could hear her. I was really upset because I felt I had to take my dogs out of the dog park just because she had a thing against pitbulls. I just dont understand he is so sweet and loving. Why are people so rude?
My pitbulol is just like my son. I wouldnt trade him for any other dog.
brittany310 brittany310
18-21, F
May 25, 2012