Reeled In By Famous Pit Guilt Trip

Hello Pit lovers... let me share my first story. My Pitbull is named Honey. This is how Honey rescued herself.

 It was 3 years ago I got divorced, and at the time I had a pure bred Black Lab and an Australian Shepherd mix. In pure evil spite my ex had them both euthanized while I left them with her so I could be admitted at the VA for treatment. They did live a good life...  approx 13 years each, but still. Anyway about 6 months ago I started longing for another dog. For the first time in my life I was renting and living in an apartment. Seeing all the neighbors with there tiny dogs,  I naturally had it in my mind I was going to get a small breed. I went to the County Animal Care center, basically the "dog-pound" for the County. They are a great bunch of folks however and will do everything they can to adopt out before euthanizing. So I went in to find my "small" apartment dog. That day there was basically nothing.  I strolled around anyway, and then my eyes came upon Honey.  Her almond eyes were mezmerizing and she was already giving me "the look" and pitifully (no pun intended)  raising her paw. I just had to pet her so I went over to the pen and she put her paws through the chain-link. I jammed my hand as far as I could through the chain-link and did what I could to try to pet her. She licked my hands of course.  I was like "no way" and just walked away. I turned around just before rounding a corner, and sure enough Honey had the guilt trip look cranked to the max. I was walking out the door and I thought, "I'll just pet her one more time before I leave" so I went back. This time when I stuck my hand through she wrapped both her paws around my hand and, of course the eyes never let up. I was thinking in myself  "No way could I have a dog this size in my apartment" and I headed out again, this time not looking back.  I got to the door and thought I would just check something out. I slowly went to the corner and peeked around.  The guilt-trip eyes were already locked in like a lazer-beam before my head even poked around the corner. I strolled over there like a zombie. I asked one of the attendants if I could get her. By this time she was in total guilt-trip mode. She had backed about 2 feet back from the fence, she was on her belly, back legs splayed out, no wagging tail, head down between her paws, ears folded, and the "eyes" looking up like she was about to cry. The attendant said yes she was available, but warned me she was a handful, had been returned 3 times, and her time was not far off. He also told me the first owner was highly abusive to her. I sign the paperwork, pay the fees, and headed back to Honey's pen. Expecting to get a small dog I hadn't brought a leash. They gave me some tiny nylon leash.  As soon as we hit the door Honey nearly yanked me off my feet. I had wrapped the leash around my hand a couple of times and was hanging on for dear life. By the time I got her to the car my hand was turning blue from lack of circulation.

She was about a year old and she certainly was a handful. She needed someone physically strong, experienced, and patient to get her under control, but most of all she needed lots of love. I was just what she needed, and she was just what I needed. She is the sweetest, most loving dog, and walks gently beside me. After destroying 3 pairs of shoes and getting properly disciplined for it, she doesn't chew anything she's not supposed to. She does go through large rawhides in relatively short order and she has 2 chew ropes. She's a happy camper... and the guilt trip... well it was definitely not a one time application. More stories in the future.  From me and Honey, have a great day !! 

PITeefulLife PITeefulLife
51-55, M
Feb 15, 2010