Junk Food With Honey

  The adventures of Honey my pit bull... I was actually cooking some cajun gumbo and was rifling through my unorganized spice cabinet looking for a particular seasoning. To my surprise I came upon a bottle of 100% Pure Maple Syrup. I was like "wow" while the gumbo's cooking I'll eat some waffles. So I made two waffles and buttered (yes real butter) them up and poured the pure Maple Syrup over them. Even before I started eating they were a beautiful sight. Anyway, Honey had ambled her way up to the table and was sitting there, chest out, neck erect, ears pointing to the heavens, hoping that I would make eye contact.  Of course I did and I said "OK Honey I'll give you some"  I got her a pretty good piece dripping with melted butter and the syrup. She gobbled that down and the tail was going a 1,000 miles a minute. She has never moved before and always sits the same distance from the table. This time she moved forward. I gave her another piece and could see her bliss. Basically out of 2 waffles she had half of one. Besides the butter melting, Honey and her charming eyes melted me so I cooked up three more waffles and gave Honey one of the three complete with butter and syrup. We both were fat and happy.  Yes, I know it was not good for me or Honey and was far from "heart healthy"... but we loved every minute of it !! 

PITeefulLife PITeefulLife
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1 Response Feb 25, 2010