Lily June

I adopted a deaf pitbull in November of 2009.  She is the second pitbull I have had.  She is very smart and loving.  It's difficult in some ways to have a deaf dog because it is hard to communicate.  When she is not looking at me, how do I get her attention!  Therefore I always have to walk her on a leash because she thinks every car on the road is her friend!  I have a lot of training to do with her come spring.  She has had to adapt to a lot of changes because the rescue that had her kept her mostly outside.  Here she is always indoors unless I'm walking her;  because they are stealing dogs and cats around here.  The police believe there is a fighting ring localy so I always have to have an eye on her.  She has also had to adapt to 15 cats, but she just loves them, some of them don't share that sentiment!  She is a compulsive eater so I have to figure out a way to keep her from vacuuming the floor!  We'll get it figured out eventually I guess! 

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Ah...nice story! :-)

i have a 14 year old pit,i've had her since she was 5 months that she is older she is loosing her sight and hearing.but i trained her on hand controls.i find she can hear certain high pitched sounds,so i'll do a high whistle to get her attention then i use our sign language to communicate with her.

Thank you for the great advise NL!