Let me start by saying I have had only one dog that I got about 7 yrs ago and she is my son's dog. Before then I was a total cat freak. It turned out I was allergic to Chleo's saliva so it has only been recently that her and I have been able to really comingle.  My husband and I talked without commitment about a possible second dog but it would have to be a Blue Pit/mix. I work for a company where we sell pet products and is very pet friendly. We are allowed to bring our animals to work (which of course are dogs) as long as they are well behaved. My friend Darlene has two wonderful dogs. Laila is a red brindle Am Staff and Tyson is a blue Am Staff/Pit mix.  She told me one day while we were talking that Laila was pregnant and after this litter she was having both Laila and Tyson fixed. Laila had a litter of 10 pups,all 10 pups were blues, however two didnt make it. 9 weeks ago by a total fluke my friend needed a home for one of the pups. I called my husband and we decided after looking at the picture of this one pup we were in love. I live in an apartment complex and i have seen pit mixes and large breed dogs in the complex and well we stupidly assumed they would accept our new "baby" on our lease along with Chleo. Boy were we wrong. We finally went to go add him to our lease on Saturday and low and behold what do you think happened. The Apt Mgr opens up the handbook and says "We dont accept Am Staffs, Bull Terriers, Pitbulls, Bulldogs,,, etc.." So I said, "Well I guess we are going to have to move because I am not getting  rid of my dog" I proceeded to head back to my apartment all gung ho to move and my husband was like "well we have been wanting to do this anyway". Little did we know what would transpire over the next 2 hours. We literally called EVERY apartment complex within an hour of our current one and NOT ONE would accept Bane. I became so upset I ran into my room crying and Bane came running in ran up on the bed laid his head down on me and was licking me trying to console me.  I thought they had won and I would have to find someone who would be able to take my pup. I called a friend at my old store and she suggested this place a town over. My husband then called them and spoke with the asst mgr on duty and low and behold he had two Bullys himself. His manager also has a bully. He said they do not take full Pitbulls but since he was a mix if we brought some pictures and he looked at them and could see he wasnt a full Pitbull he would allow us to be considered for the complex. All said and done we are going to be considered for the complex. He pretty much told us as soon as they have an opening we could move in. Only problem now is our current lease isnt up until September.....

I know many people who are bully lovers in the two years I have been working for this company and I have heard some of their stories and have always been against BSL. Now having gone through it I really do understand what they have gone through and am so greatful for the handfuls people in this world who realize it isnt the breed but the handling that can make a good dog bad. All we can do is show by example how wonderful bullys are we need more positive news coverage. We need to all realize it works the same way with humans as well. Are we going to start putting people down because of where they are from and how they were raised??

PaganSilverDrgn PaganSilverDrgn
41-45, F
Mar 15, 2010