I Love Them All!

I've just got home from watching Toy Story 3.  It was absolutely amazing, from start to finish it had me hooked, never mind a child, im a grown adult LOL.  This was the best film I've seen since The Dark Knight, and got me thinking about all of Disney-Pixar films as a whole.  Disney by themselves have not produced a decent film since The Lion King and at a stretch Lilo and Stitch.  But since they teamed up with with Pixar they have produced brilliant films constantly. The Toy Stories, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up.   Amazing films.  It's ironic the only two films I havent seen are Cars and  A Bugs life which have received the lowest critics scores.
shadoweyes shadoweyes
26-30, M
Jul 28, 2010