Funny Times In Pizza Hut

I have so many random memories in these restaurants!
Years ago, when me and my friend went to Pizza Hut on our own for the first time, we asked for a Tropical Pizza instead of Hawaiin Pizza and the waitress stood there for about ten minutes, trying to work out what we meant!
Another time, my family and another family went bowling and then to Pizza Hut. I was having a really bad day already and was already on the verge of breaking down. The meal went OK but then, as I took my ice cream from the ice cream factory part, I slipped and dropped the ice cream. It splattered all over the floor and the bowl smashed. To make it worse my friend Phil shouted my name really loud so anybody in the restaurant that wasn't already staring at me, turned round and gawped :(! I was so embarrassed and refused to talk to anyone for the rest of night. Phil still teases me about it to this day!
A few years later, I went to Pizza Hut with another friend and she told me that they'd reduced the sizes of the pizzas so much that we should order a large one each. Stupid me believed her and we both ordered a large pizza with cheesy bites. Well! The pizzas could hardly even fit on the table and I could hardly manage half of mine! I seemed to be eating pizza for lunch for the next week :P!

Although Pizza Hut is normally great and the food is tasty, I found the service really bad yesterday. I went with my mum, brother, sister and my sister's baby and we were seated at a reaally sticky table (if you leant on it, your elbows got sticky). The food took over an hour to be served, even though the restaurant wasn't that busy. Also, I don't recommend that you try the Tuscani pizzas, unless you like really hard thin pizza!  
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I had one time I forgot to sign a check and handed it off to the lady. She came back 10 minutes later banging on my door, and as I opened the door she swung the screen door open and got into my face and started to yell at me. I kept my cool, signed the check and apologized to her that it was an accident on my fault and as I about handed it to her I ripped the check in half & told her to go #@!& herself and have a nice day and slammed the door on her face.

The manager sooned called & asked what happened & I told them politely and apologized for forgetting to sign the check, but her attitude wasn't called for. Overall, I got a free pizza for it on her jobs expense.