Lunch Buffet Addict

I find the lunch buffet irresistible. My favorite is the Veggie Lover's Pizza. I always grab all the slices available if there are any out. Then I go for the supreme, plain cheese, sausage and mushroom and anything else. Pepperoni is my least favorite, which is good in that something is left for the other patrons! The pasta and breadsticks I like to nibble between pizza courses to cleanse the palate.

The salad plates are too small so I use the regular size plate and get a huge salad with all the trimmings.

Finally, I love the cherry strudel or apple dessert pizza and some pudding.

The waitress usually wants to bring me a Diet Pepsi because I am (obviously) a fat guy but that's rather pointless, don't you think? I go for regular Pepsi.
CleveBHM CleveBHM
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3 Responses Nov 9, 2010

Ohhhh the PH waiter might be.. you're right! Fantastic for you:) Good you tip him well, i'd do the same :) Ok i will take a peek at your wonderful pics and glad you will update :) My round adorable friends :) xox love xox

My favorite waiter at the Pizza Hut is a gay guy. I think he might be an encourager. I always tip him well.<br />
<br />
I just posted some pics of Fem6465 and I from last August and October showing our mutual gains at that time. We are both much bigger now. We will be gradually updating our progress folder.

Your pizza hut buffet trips sound quite delicious dear :) How are you doing with your weight gain? How is Fem doing? I hope both of you are quite a lot chubbier by now :) Silly waitress trying to bring you diet coke .. lololol .. If i was your waitress i'd be trying to bring you milkshakes and other fattening stuff :) lololol .. xoxoxoxox