My Favourite Pizza Place!

I've been going to Pizza Hut restaurants in my local area since the early 90's, but the first few times I went there, all I had was spaghetti bolognese because I was just a little kid and pizza was a new and foreign thing to me and I was worried that I might not like it. As soon as I had my first taste of margherita pizza, however, all my worries became a thing of the past. The perfect combination of mozzarella, tomato sauce and bread, all cooked in just the right way and put together to create one of the best pizzas I've ever eaten!

Pizza Hut (at least, the ones in the UK) also have some great deals on their food and drink, including free refills of soft drinks and Ice Cream Factory dessert, as well as free salad buffet dishes (again, with free refills) with every main course, so you can always have something healthy on the side. With all these good deals, I can't help but pig out whenever I go to Pizza Hut. On a few occasions, I've eaten so much that I've actually been sick, but I don't care. The great value for money makes it all worthwhile!

My family and I used to eat out at our local Italian restaurant for our birthdays, but that place has since, sadly, closed down. All is not lost, though, as Pizza Hut has pretty much taken its place in at least half of our cases, and even before our local Italian restaurant closed down, we celebrated one or two birthdays at a Pizza Hut as a one-(two-?)off. I also go to Pizza Hut sometimes when I've been spending a day out on a weekend. Perfect way to finish a good day before returning home for the night.
Emeraldo Emeraldo
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1 Response Feb 6, 2013

I really like the thin n crispy crust they sell here. But they only deliver where I live. Mmmm...