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Pizza is my favourite! I don't eat it too fancy way, I prefer it at its simplest form: bolognese! With lots of cheese.

I have tried to limit eating it, though. I can eat ridiculous amounts of food at one sitting, and pizzas are just not good for me that way. They are big, and I just can't stop wolfing when I have started it. I'm not all healthy lifestyle kind of person, I eat junkfood and hate exercise, but even I have to stop that enermous intake of calories.

Pizza is my best friend and worst enemy, har har.
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3 Responses Jul 23, 2010

I haven't bought ... 'Tofu' ... that much or recently. I never paid attention to its spelling. I thought it was ... 'Tufu', but with the spelling correction, I just noticed it is ... 'Tofu'. Yes ... 'Tofu'. I never ate a pizza yet with ... 'Tofu' on it. But the thought gave me an idea about it.

Tufu? Like... tofu? Wow, I didn't even know it can be used in pizza. Actually, I have never eaten it. <br />
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Hmm. Healthy pizza. Healthy. Pizza. <br />
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This words don't occur together in my vocabulary. A healthy pizza... is a fake pizza! That's what I think. :D

I haven't had Pizza for years. I do like it, but it is very expensive. Trying to keep my grocery intake with $5.00 a day instead of $25.00 with a Pizza. And I don't care for all that cheeze. I might think about subsituting it with Tufu. If I got my mind thinking, I'm sure Pizza's can be healthy creative, if one can put their minds to it.