I Like To Tease Pizza Men

I highly recommend this activity for a number of reasons.
1. Pizza men are almost always men. So you know what gender you're dealing with
2. Pizza men are almost always bored.
3. Pizza men are almost always a bit stressed. They get yelled at alot if they don't make timely deliveries. Nice to surprise them.
4. Pizza men are many times young. So they will react, they aren't all old and wise to the ways of the tease.
5. Pizza men don't care that much. They aren't going to call you 20 times between 2- 3 am crying about being a victim to your flirtation.
6. Pizza is good.

7exy 7exy
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 15, 2012

Ha! I tend to flirt with pizza guys too!