My Story With Pizza !

When I was a little girl,I used to judge food from its color,if it's tasty or not.So,if its color is likable for me, I eat it without tasting it,but if it is not,then,I don't even get close to it.But my story with Pizza was so different. When I see all others around eating Pizza,I feel that I want to eat a bite from it,but when I get close to it to bring a piece from it,something was preventing me from tasting it even though its color was almost like a rainbow for me,it was all dazzling,and when I look at it,I see the best mixed colors in the world.I let the fear to control my actions.
And the years went by.I became a teenager,and I started to judge everything mentally.I became a different person,but not in everything,all that childhood stuff were kept in me as if they are a part of my soul.I finally got the courage to defeat that monster.And I did it.It all started at the restaurant.when we went to the restaurant,my parents ordered a family sized pizza and all of them started eating,but I didn't,I just ordered a fish burger and a can of coca-cola.5 minutes went by,and I couldn't handle the temptation of that gorgeous pizza,so I took the advantage,grabbed a slice of pizza,and put it in my mouth.I felt like I was eating a piece of food from  heaven! And from that on, Pizza became the second choice in my food list.
And that's all my friends,I hope that you enjoyed reading my story with pizza...And trust me there more and more coming.
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Apr 10, 2012