A Scream Movie !

It was a dark windy night.With lots of white clouds covering the sky.And wolves' howling were traveling all over the country's localities.The mother and her seven kids were falling in a deep dossing.But suddenly,weird noises started coming from the near yard.''Is that a ghost?!'',''No! it's a wolf'',''I don't think so,it might be a squirrel'',''Oh no ! I'm so afraid mom'' the frightened kids started crying.But their lovely mother hid her fear deep inside,pretended to be brave and then told her poor children:''Oh my dear angels don't be afraid ! I'm beside you,it's just the wind..'' And then she started telling them a story in order to let them forget their fear.And the voice started getting louder and louder.The kids started shouting and crying loudly ..And finally, the door of the room was opened,It was their father,he came from the military.
[His legs were stuck in the mud because of the copious rain,so he faced difficulty in opening the door and entering the house.] 
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Apr 12, 2012