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Everything Please

Pizza Hut, thin crust, super supreme. :P
Epiphany68 Epiphany68 41-45, F 3 Responses Jun 23, 2012

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So bad for you.

So true. I'm working on my diet. :)

Mmmmmmmmmmm my favorite from Pizza Hut i just had one of those last Friday night and it was so good!! Haven't had one for a long time and i just love that thin crust!

Aw dang! I miss Pizza Hut pizza ... for me, it's the pan pizza (i.e. deep fried pizza) but can't eat those things anymore ... I've been cleansed too much!

Lol. No one is SUPPOSED to eat that stuff. I avoid it as much as possible but with kids in the house sometimes it's just easiest.

Don't get me wrong ... if I could I would ... but I pay for it a few hours later ... for the next day or two at LEAST! :p

Yikes. Well, eating healthy is a GOOD thing. Better in the long run. ;)

For sure ... if you don't eat healthy you get the runs ... for a looong time :p

Oh my. Well that IS a deterent.

Lol ... oh, that's not what you meant by "long run" eh?

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