The Power Of Pizza

If there ever was a food, that deserved a prize, it would be pizza. And I would like to nominate Pizza as the world's greatest food on the face of the planet.

Pizza comes in many different shapes and sizes, but all pizza shares three qualities:

1) A crust.

2) A sauce.

3) Toppings (Generally Cheese at least)


Here are a few reasons why Pizza is great:

Pizza taste good. Period.

Everyone likes Pizza. (If they don't, they are a robot and need eliminated.)

Pizza can be Vegetarian or even Vegan (use the soy cheese).

Pizza is generally designed so you can share it with friends.

Pizza can be on a bagel, or in a roll, or as a Hot Pocket.

Pizza can be delivered to your house.

Pizza can be bought in multiple places at the store, frozen, refrigerated, or DIY kits.

Pizza can have practically anything on it, and is completely customizable.

Two pizzas might contain the same ingredients and never taste the same.

Pizza is realitively inexpensive. (Tostino's party crust pizza's are $1.25)


Let’s take a look at a pizza place like LaRosa's.

It has a very neutral atmosphere, so you can take anyone there.

It’s family friendly, but stylish enough to bring a date or your boss, but cool enough to bring your friends.

They even serve alcohol.


It’s pretty darn perfect if you ask me. Lol.


Just thought I'd share this idea with the world.

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Jul 22, 2012