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I love to make homemade pizza, and do this frequently with my nieces and nephews. I recently came across a new recipe for pizza dough that is just Greek yogurt and flour. We made this dough last weekend, and other than it being a little harder to round out on the pan it tasted just like normal pizza dough. I like my pizza with all the toppings. I guess you would call it a super supreme pizza on a pan pizza crust. I do not like thin and crispy pizza crust. yuck.
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Nice...I have been making pizza on my it

Can't wait to try that dough recipe!!

tht sounds amazing, want to talk?

Yumm, sounds delicious. I want some :)

Homemade can be groovy, but I just love the Brooklyn corner pizzeria!

This sounds delicious. Do you have the recipe for this crust?

That sounds delicious. I use to make it by scratch with my daughters when they were growing up. I have great memories of it. Now I cheat by buying a ready made pizza & adding my own topping on top.

It's hard to beat home made. You can make it just how you like. Stuff the crust add your favourite toppings and it always tastes so much nicer.

Sounds Like a good healthier recipe! Thanks for sharing!

I don't like thin;crispy crust either, but I sure do like super supreme and meat lovers pizzas on original or hand toss crust..Thanks for sharing..:)

Do you use a pizza stone or just a regular baking pan?

Pizza stones

Okay. So you're serious about your pizza making...

I actually found Frozen Pizza dough at my Super Walmart, I am going to give it a try next time I make pizza at home.

I saw that too loop. Let me know.

At SAMs u can get frozen pizza dough balls in a two pack. There up front at the food place. Same ones they use their great. Try rolling out 16" round, sauce n top 1/2 fold over, seal. voila!! calzone, brush lightly with olive oil! Yousss think it was a New Yorker.

Wow!! I have to try this!! I love to make my dough from scratch!! Pizza totally rocks!! Thanks soo much for sharing this I LOVE good recipes and quicker ways of doing things!

Anytime my friend.