Papa John's

I'm completely, totally, entirely in love with Papa John's vegetarian pizza! Doesn't matter if it's a thin or thick crust. It's just the way they prepare it, so perfect! I never have this heavy feeling left inside after eating it, like with other pizzas that taste good as well. It's always a perfect combination of veggies and cheese. If only it was a little cheaper... I'd eat it every single day! (well, provided it had fewer calories too *LOL* )
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4 Responses Jul 1, 2007

PAPPA JOHNS SUCKS!!!!!! sorry had to say it! Dominoes is wayyyy better

omg no

Veggies always taste better when they are on a pizza.

Guys! Check out Papa John's group then & join!

Mmmm... I love Papa John's too. I don't often do the vegetarian pizzas though because they usually include mushrooms and olives, neither of which I enjoy.