I Love Pizza

I love pizza I have loved it my whole life. My favorite food has never changed. In fact im about to eat it right now. I have paid the pizza man in quarters or all change just to get pizza because I was craving it one day. I have let my friend cut my hair because she claimed to know how to cut hair, just because she promised me we'd eat some tonys pizza after I let her. She ended up really messing up my hair, but I did forgive her and get my pizza afterwards! lol but its payback I guess from me dropping a pole on her head because of cake. Lol I love my food. Long story short, in elementary we were playing tetherball in my backyard my friend happened to stand where I dropped the pole. Hearing nothing but my mom saying the cakes cut at my b-day party I dropped this pole that wasn't into the ground and ran and realized it macked my best friend. If that wasn't bad enough the next day was picture day. Were still best friends lol.

Candimarie91 Candimarie91
26-30, F
Feb 18, 2009