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Can You Really Be Banned From a Movie Theater? ...for Life?

It all started when four of us decided to buy wigs. We left the shop in a state of laughter, Carol being the only one with a great looking style...the rest of us in rather outlandish styles.

Sporting our new wigs we decided to check out a movie at a local theater. I knewe we were in for trouble when my friends insisted on buying a pizza and bringing it into the theater. Clearly the "No Food Allowed" sign meant nothing to my friends.

Now this was a rather run down movie house barely surviving after the the rise of the multiplexes. So many seats were roped off as unsafe...we made our way, mid-movie of course, and I'm sure we were damn annoying to our neighbors, but we finally found 4 seats together...Whew! As we proceeded to sit, the 2nd seat in collapsed, the pizza box flew in the air, landing 2 rows behind us.

We were uncontrollable, could not stop laughing, tears streaming down our faces....and yes we were escorted by a security guard no less right out the front door...and told to NEVER return...It was worth it...our friend Carol had just gotten the news that her cancer was in remission...the wigs were a fun thing to do...but that trip to the movies and the laughs, hey we couldn't have planned a better celebration!


frito414 frito414 56-60, F 72 Responses Sep 30, 2009

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funny story, hope your friend Carol will be healthy for along time.

The selfishness of this act staggers me. The justification given for being the type of people who would ruin others fun of the movies, is not good enough for me.

HEHE great story.

Yes My...haha I like to think of it as a term of endearment...*grin*

Hahaha it wasn't "Debbie Does Dallas" but I really have no idea what the movie was our local theater valiantly trying to keep afloat financially.<br />
Ya know I love this story too because every time someone revisits I gey to remember and feel what that evening was like...that hysterical, snorting, tears running down the face laughter...<br />
<br />
Hi some ways it feels like yesterday!<br />
Thanks to both of you for revisiting...My and Tas you would have both fit right in!

Fritzo!! Tas called you Fritzo!! Now I'm really laughing! =)

What's so funny Myo?

LOL .. you are always surprising me Fritzo xxxx

I love this story. I am the 67th comment! Obviously, it's a story that we all love, over and over and over! I can't go back and search but have you said what movie this was? From the desc<x>ription of the theater, I"m thinking "Debbie Does Dallas"? ;) <br />
You have some pretty funny experiences with pizza! Thank goodness the gulls hadn't roosted there!

Ahhh BrunoDS the poor pizza was a lost cause!

But... ahm... well... what happened to the pizza?! :-|

It was hilarious!! I still laugh when i think of it...thanks StarWanderer for revisiting this story!:)

LOL Great story. Laughter and fun is always THE best medicine. :-D

Kittycollar thanks for revisiting this story. It always makes me smile too and brings me back to such a fun memory. :)<br />
Nomac hahaha it wa great fun and you're sooo right about the celebration. *grin*

Hollowmanahmed, thanks. <br />
It still makes me smile too! :)<br />
<br />
Specialtonebody, thanks. <br />
It was a while ago and it has long since ceased to be a movie a childrens' dance school. Haah I don't think we tried to hide it...just boldly and foolishly walked in...they probably took some time to figure out what to do. :)

wow um really happy for ur friend...u put a smile on my face :)

Hi Depression...I'm glad you and your Mom had those loving hands at the movie.<br />
The movie for my friends and I wasn't ruined by what happened...we all had an offbeat sense of humor and found the absurdity of the situation funny. Also, we were in a celebratory friend had been told she was in remission.<br />
I so agree with you that people can do things that have painful consequences...fortunately you didn't encounter insensitivity at the movies with your Mom....just like kindness can have powerful can insensitivity and carelessness.

I'm going to be the only naysayer- one the last things I did with my mom as she was dying was simply go enjoy a movie together. We sat, held hands and enjoyed some last decent moments together. It sickens me to think it could have been ruined by a group of jerks. A group of strangers bothering others. No one knew your story in the theatre to cut you some slack. Might as well as been drunken teens giggling & cursing aloud. Yeah, I'm happy for your friend. Nothing is as horrible as seeing someone you love go through the chemo. Seeing them melt away into fragile skin and stick like bones. The nausea. Everything. And if it goes to the bones, morphine doesn't touch it. Not one bit.

Thanks too! :)

Great story.. Made me chuckle.....

Thanks Silversurfer *grin*


Haha it was definitely worth it! :)<br />

Oh, I think it was worth it.

Hahaha Kurzemiete! I never thought of that but you are sooo right...Lucy would have felt right at home...;love your creative word *grin* ...thanks for commenting and giving me the chance to relive it today and laugh about it again! :)

LOL it sounds like a skit from "I love lucy", even better!!<br />
<br />
I love the good news for your friend! :)) Congratulations!<br />
<br />
And ya'll had more than a blast it was priceless facreousness(i know this isn't a word but it seems to fit lol /hilarity :PP we all need more of that in life :)) too! :)

smiling :)

Hahaha Usetheforceluke was a wonderful group! :)

this is great, i love it! what a great group of friends :)