Pizza! The Free Market Ideal!

Yes!  The pizza business is one of the greatest examples of the free market ideal!  We started here where I live with one Dominos.  Fifteen bucks a shot.  Then came Pizza Hut.  Then a local pizza place.  Then Little Caesars blew them all away by offering pizzas always ready at five bucks a pizza!  Cheese or pepperoni!  The others had to follow suit for obvious reasons.  Competition is wonderful.  It does great things, provided that there aren't any shenanigans behind the scenes.  It's too bad that this particular business model isn't being followed in any of our other real consumer businesses.  The normal businessman (or woman) will do ANYTHING to avoid being stuck in this kind of competitive jam.  It's illegal, but they'll do it.  The problem with the pizza business (from their point of view) is that it's too public, too open.  ANYONE can figure out what's going on. 

Personally, I love pizza.  All kinds except anchovies.  And particularly since half of it goes into the freezer to make another meal.  So it's really the cheapest "eating out" that's being offered.  Not to mention that it really, really tastes good too.  I even like the crust, which most people throw away with the box.  Yes, it's true, what you're really dealing with here is flavored bread.  But I love bread!  So I'll continually love pizza. 

My father took my mother for her first pizza to a joint in Brooklyn in 1938.  Fifty cents a pie.  Mom was impressed by his knowledge and suave.  So they got married.  A pizza wedding?  Almost.

Take care!


Zotz123 Zotz123
70+, M
Jan 10, 2010