Sheffield O2 Academy Gig, 9th May 2009

The first time I saw Placebo live was at the O2 Academy in Sheffield last May. It was their first gig of the year (as far as I know), and also the first time they were playing the new tracks from their new "Battle For The Sun" album, which was yet to be released at this point. Having been a fan of their music for a long time prior to this, I knew most of their older tracks and couldn't wait for the gig. Steve Forrest had recently joined the band as the new drummer, so we were waiting to find out whether he was any good.

A band from Leeds, The Officers, opened up the show and got the crowd warmed up, and although they weren't bad, it was Placebo we came to see. When they finally got on stage the first few tracks they performed were from the new album, and as nobody had heard the tracks before there wasn't much participation from the crowd but the songs were generally well received. They later moved on to classics such as Black-Eyed, Every You Every Me, Special K and The Bitter End, and made the gig a night to remember. Molko's vocals were fantastic as always, and the overall sound of the music sounded much better live than I had imagined. Even the visuals on the screen behind the band added their own effect, and I thought the show was great.

To this day, that's still the only Placebo gig I've been to, and I've got happy memories of it. I did have a ticket to watch them at Bridlington Spa in December, but the gig landed on the same day as my work christmas dinner / **** up, and I ended up going there instead.

I will be looking out for further UK tour dates being announced and will definitely see them live again at some stage.
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Jul 28, 2010